My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Amazaing Math

Since knitting revolves around math, I thought I would take a minute to congratulate mathematician Curtis Cooper from The University of Central Missouri for finding the largest prime number currently know. The number — 2 raised to the 57,885,161 power minus 1 , which results in a prime number 17,425,170 digits long. No I don't think I will take this on as a knitting challenge. the 1 million row challenge is enough for me.

Today was a very slow day for me. I caught up with some friends. Yes I skipped doing laundry today and it will come back to me knee high by morning. I worked on the next fund raiser for Eric's day program. All I can say is that I am way behind in making I-cords. For some reason I would rather knit 40 rows of pattern then a 3 stitch I-cord that is 18 to 24" long. For some reason they seem to take me the same time to knit.

My major accomplishment of the day was 32 minutes of Wii. I told you it was a slow day. Since I might be doing morning car pool tommrow I think I will call it a night.