My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, December 21, 2012

New Glasses and More

Eric is still home sick. Eric now has a head cold and I honestly do not know how he caught it since he has been home for a full week. Last night was an every 2 hour night, but I did manage to grab a nap today.

I did not get through my whole to do list but I think with Eric home sick and me being up half the night I am really OK with that. 80% of the chores got done so that's not to bad. I choose not to do the finishing work I was planning to do because I was so tired I did not think I could see straight enough to weave in the ends. There is always tomorrow.

John and I managed to get out of the house for a couple hours tonight. The 1st stop was Pearl Vision for new glasses and sun glasses. My prescription took a jump and both had to be replaced. The surprise here was it took less than 1 hour to pick both frames and lens. This is a new record for me. It usually takes more than 1 hour just to pick the frames.  After trying on about a dozen pairs with some almost right I found one pair I really liked and stopped there. The sun glasses were easy Ray-Bans all the way. I just love the aviator frames.

This weekend I plan on doing some more zenning and make one or two more charity runs this week. I think I might have to move to the garage to get rid of more things. Maybe by the end of next year the garage will be as neat as the house. Well its time to go catch a Friday night program.