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Thursday, September 27, 2012

An Open Letter to Frederick Smith of FedEx

Dear Mr. Smith,

A while ago I went to visit my mom. While there I picked out a few things of my dad's. Since I had to many things to carry on the plane with me I went to your FedEx Pack and Ship store in Northridge,  California.

I had contact with Elizabeth and Faith. One helped me to bring the items in and the other one packaged them up for shipping. The Transition number was 78055128786. I purchased 3 Large fragile boxes, paid for packing, shipping and insurance.

When I got home I unpacked the boxes and found that one of the items that I had shipped was missing. So my sons aide and I went through everything again and the plaque with a piece of the flooring from McKale Stadium from the University of Arizona, engraved with my dads  name Jay. G. _____ C.P.A  on it was missing.

I called your 800 number and talked to Anthony and was given a case number of 0703746545. He said that you would do your best to find the plaque or to send me a check to cover the loss. After that I left to be the support system for my daughter while she took the California Bar Exam. There was a call while I was gone and your employee told my husband she was closing the case. My husband did not have all the details and the case should have been left open until I could talk to your claims person.

When I called back to try to reopen the case I was told "We can not reopen the case until we receive a picture of the lost item as you received it." I tried to explain that it was not damaged, but did not show up with the rest of the shipment. She stood her ground saying that until I had sent a "picture of the lost item as I received it they would not reopen the case." Since I have neither access to a time machine or a Tardis I can not provide you a picture of the item.

I thought yours was a company that I could trust, but apparently when it comes to family heirlooms that happen to be sports memorabilia all bets are off and your employees feel it is there right to lighten the load and take what they want.

May I suggest that you remind all your employees that even though they receive a check from the company for their wages. That in reality it is we the customers that ultimately pay their salaries by using your services. If we hand something over for shipping it is because we want the item. Our shipments are not to be used for the personal gain of your employees.

If on the other hand you approve of your employees having the right to the items in your customers shipments I would like you to post a sign at all of your shipping locations and in all your ads that says the following.

"We give our employees the right to remove any item you have brought in for shipping for their personal gain. We consider the amount of money you pay for insuring the item a money maker for our bottom line. Our share holders don't care as long as the checks keep coming every quarter. We will not pay you for your loss."

I still have those dammed boxes in my storage room. If you would like someone to come to the house to inspect them, please call and set up an appointment. If you can not find and return the plaque, I feel the ethical thing to do would be to refund the insurance money or pay the claim.

Sheri Karobonik

November 13,2012

I would like to say that this issue has been resolved. With the Help of Teri and a very nice gal at the Fed-Ex office. No they did not find the plaque but I did get a check for the replacement cost. Someday I hope to stumble upon the plaque and get it back, this is a very long,long shot. A girl can dream can't she?