My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Playing Catch Up

Eric has been in school for 2 days so far this week and I am playing catch up. I have been to the grocery store with out the time limit of just grab what I need and find the shortest line. I got to the post office today and all packages have been mailed. I found time to spin. I am also going to be looking for information on how ratios work. I am working my way through a big bag of Joann's Sensations Liquorice yarn that was given to me for charity projects while Eric was sick. I have completed 3 plus one project Gratitude scarf, are as I like to call it tagged and bagged meaning that they are ready to go out the door. 2 are awaiting finishing work and 1 more is on the needles. My plan is to get 50 hats, 50 scarfs and 10 Project Gratitude scarfs finished before October. Which means I only have 106 to go. Now does anyone know of a good project counter?

I got to the gas station today, I have not been in a while. It was over $65.00 to fill the tank. The last time I went it was at least $10.00 less. I also went to get new foam for Eric's bed but found that the store I got it at last time had doubled in price. Which is much more than the rate of inflation. So I guess I will measure it and go shopping on the Internet. If you know of a place where I should look let me know.

Well it is getting late and I am exhausted so good night all.