My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Things Are Looking Up.

Well Eric has been sick long enough for me to lose track of the days. Thank goodness for the calendars, clocks with dates and the newspaper so if some one does ask at least I know where to look. That being said Eric gave me the first smile in it seems like weeks but in actuality only since last Thursday. He is not at 100% for Eric; but he is getting better. I am hoping that I will have him well enough to go to school a week from Monday.

On the knitting front I finished another shawl today and it fits me to a T. It is perfect in every way. I have added more UFOs to my knitting bag today. Most of them are scarfs which should go pretty fast. That should help my totals go up faster for the month.  Tomorrow I will take pictures of the finished items for the week. I now have freed up 2 long circular needles. Yes I have finished 3 items but I immediately cast on a hat for John with the small circular needles.

I also spent a few minutes and I do me a few minutes playing with the new carder. I will add some pictures of the batts too. I really need to try to get some rest now before I have a total revolt from my body. So here is hoping Eric goes to sleep early.