My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spinning Post Hand Surgery

Ok, so sometimes I am a little slow to figure things out. Take spinning after hand surgery. I went straight for the soft and very fluffy alpaca. This was a big mistake in so many ways. I struggled with it all week, all I can say is the post surgery alpaca looks a lot different from the pre-surgery spinning of the same fiber. I really felt the need to spin so I pick up a different spindle with a Phat sample of merino on it. I could not believe the difference. It was so much easier to spin and ply. So my recommendation on spinning post hand surgery is to go to something like merino. Also expect to look a lot like new spinning.

I am on the second skein of my first post surgery scarf and that is going slow too. I am into the second week and only a little past the half way mark. I feel like a new and very slow knitter. For the first time on a long time I have to think about what my hands are doing. I have had to start following the needles visually too. I guess I have lost some muscle memory or at the very least my hand is moving differently.

Tomorrow I get the stitches out. I think to celebrate I will make some kind of homemade dinner. Well it is now 10 and I have a busy day planed for tomorrow so it's time to say good night.