My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sunday and Monday

I enjoyed my time Sunday at the Fourth Avenue Street Fair. I got to spend some time with Kathy Withers and do some spinning. I found a few nice things that I will blog about when I have time to take the pictures. Monday was spent waiting for another service call in which the contractor did not show up leading me to miss coffee with some friends who are even busier than I am, so it is  very hard to meet up. So I would like to give the service man the lack of courtesy award. He did not even call to say he was not going to make the appointment.

While I was home I spent part of the day organizing my yarn stash I found the equivalent space of 3 empty drawers in the official yarn storage area so I took yarn from the sewing room and put it away. I also started my scarf for guild on Thursday, but unless Eric is better I will not be going. If I do manage to get out the door you will see a one of a kind scarf with hand spun yarn and samples of yarn from all over the world. Oh and did I mention some of my own hand spun yarn too.

They broke Eric yet again at school. He started eyrping right before bed and it lasted most of the night. So I guess I will cut it short here and go take care of the boy.