My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Things I LIke About Summer

The things I like about summer are in no particular order.

1. A wet shirt hung to day at 6 am is ready to wear at 9 am after it cools off from the clothes line.
2. I love the summer heat. I never have to bundle up. Except in the movie theaters and restaurants.
3. I like waking up with the sun.
4. I like all the very small knitting projects that I make. They go very fast and I get a lot of things done.
5. Iced tea. But then again I drink iced tea year round.
6. The grocery stores are empty and shopping goes faster.
7. No waits for tables when I eat out.
8. Lighter traffic. No snow birds and very few students.

Things I can do with out.

1. Eric's summer colds. Oh wait I don't like those in the winter either.
2. People complaining about the heat. If you don't like the heat don't move to where it is hot. But I will give you a gimme when it hits 115f, then it is hot. Did you know our airport closes to commercial traffic at 120f.

Well I have been up since before dawn. The moon was very pretty at around 3:30 am. Yes Eric has a cold yet again so its time to say goodnight.