My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Smile

After a very long night I did manage to get 5 glorious hours of sleep. Eric and I had a very lay low day today. By all accounts I should have called in a nurse for the day. That being said I sometimes get tired of the revolving door of people through the house and just wanted some quiet today. So a few chores got done and I spent most of the day with Eric.

For those following the saga of the 33 gallons of wool boucle, I did manage to finish the orange up today and will have to finish the current poncho with some yellow. The end is in sight 3 maybe 4 more ponchos and the boucle should be finished. It took me long enough. I did manage to sneak in a nap today when Eric's aide got here.

I have finished half of the yellow and red combo I got from Kathy. I have decided to wind off the first half and start with an empty spindle for the second half. Pictures will follow when I get the camera out.

This evening even though he is still feeling crummy I got the first smile in days from Eric. That being said I think I will call it a night.