My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Weekend - What Weekend

I spent the weekend bouncing my attention between my guys. One started off the weekend early and sick the other decided to play catch up and got sick too. One will be out the door tomorrow( fingers crossed on that one) and for the other I called in back up for the next 2 days.

A lot of knitting got done on a whole lot of projects and needless to say nothing got finished. My mind was just too distracted to sit down and finish a project. I landed up with projects scattered around the house and where ever I happened to be was the project I worked on at that particular moment.

I got some spinning done and will devote my blog tomorrow to that. I will have pictures. Note to self get the camera out. I think the house if finally quiet and I hope to get to bed before tomorrow. So good night and enjoy your families.