My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eric is on Spring Vacation

It hardly seems possible that Eric is on spring vacation from school. I really don't think he has earned it this year since he has spent most of 2010/2011 school year home sick. This is life as we know it so I am trying to keep him active with field trips to the likes of Target yesterday and Costco today. If the weather is nice I do plan on an outing to the U of A to get Eric Sweet 16 gear to wear to school and camp. He has got to support the home town team and family Alma Mater after all.

We have such broken up shifts for aides this week that things like a trip to the movies are out. The weather is finally decent this week in the 80 to 90's range. So a lot of knitting has gotten done and some spinning has also gotten done. I want to thank Chris for his help with plying and how to judge if my spinning is to tight. I really did not know that you could spin too tight only to loosely..

As you can tell I am finally getting back on my feet with the energy to blog. So Hopefully I will get a few more out this week. By the way how did the change hunt challenge go for everyone?

Well it is time to go make salmon salads with fresh avocado and papaya for dinner.