My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Doing Better

I am doing better today. I went to my Tuesday morning class and a lot of things got clarified for me. Then it was off to lunch at 5th Street Deli and as usual the food was good and service fast. A trip to Bookman's on the east side of town was good for zenning the house and John and Teri have $15 more to spend next time they go. A quick walk to Beyond Bread for an epi for dinner and then it was time to go home. Not bad for 3 hours of time.

When I got home I decided to go clean the sewing room. I started off by cleaning out 1 cabinet, don't worry it only had 2 shelves so I was not taxing my self too much. The end result was an overflowing Bookmans' bag and a place to put all my stitch marker supplies. So with that part of the room cleaned I went on to organize bib supplies. I did not realize that I had so many supplies. I had piled them all in one corner in little and not so little bags so it was hard to see just how much or what there was. I have a whole basket of bibs cut, prepped and ready to go. I also have another basket filled with a half and half combo of towels and bandanna's.  I have pulled 4 hand towels out that I just could not match the color of so don't tell anyone but I am sending them to Teri.  I have enough supplies to start a small business. By the way if you need adult size bibs let me know, they are custom made and go for $30.00 add another $10.00 if you want them monogrammed. There might be a little more to this being organized thing than I realized.

I then went through some more magazines and books and more went into the already flowing Bookmans bag. I guess it is going to be another trip to Bookman's tomorrow and maybe the consignment shop for some jewelry that I don't wear anymore. I am hoping that less stuff in the house will mean less clutter and a more organized house.

I wonder if 3 hours of cleaning would count towards any exercise time? Tell me what you think, please.

A big bonus is I have reclaimed the treadmill so I guess it is time to say goodnight and hit the treadmill. Enjoy your families.