My 1 Million Row Challenge

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What Do Stay at Home Moms Do - Part 2

Today was filled with a couple of sessions on Wii.  A trip to the doctors for Eric for his annual physical. John and I are doing a good job at keeping him well. Can you believe his last visit to his PCP was 6 months ago, (you may insert a round of applause here). Dropping Eric off at school and wondering why drivers who do not need the ramp spaces take them any way? Yes I did park in the school bus zone, but really there was no where else to deploy the ramp. The High School security is usually cool with this when the blue spots are all gone.

While I was driving this morning a warning light went off on the dash board so there was an unscheduled trip to the dealership. Thank goodness it was a minor problem and there was no charge. Apparently when the weather takes a sudden turn to cold, the tires and sensors do not like it.

When I got home it was time to schedule next weeks appointments and order the feeding supplies that Eric will need over the holidays. Yes this did include over a half hour on hold with one company that I will never get back. Apparently everything gets moved up a week in November and December to accommodate the holidays.

A highlight of my day was a few minutes tweeting and then talking with Teri. I am just so lucky that she is my daughter. I did find a little time to knit and don't know quite what is going to be on the dinner table tonight. I am not one of those plan a week or month in advance people. I think some kind of sandwich with last nights left over chicken will be the plan.

Well have a good night and enjoy your families.