My 1 Million Row Challenge

Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Wonderful Day

This is the second day we have had Teri home for a very short visit before she starts her second year of law school. This was also day 2 of shop until you drop. Today we went to the Tucson Mall and did some very heavy duty shopping. A new phone, a suit and a few other goodies for Teri. New pants for John. I reserved the biggest purchase of the day for me, some hand sanitizer for my purse. John and Teri have dropped and I hate to wake them up for dinner when we finished lunch so late.

We are busy getting all the Tucson highlights in like favorite restaurants in to. Just a few of our stops so far Mayco's for taco's, Frost for sorbet, Micah's for corecodo a wonderful beefy vegetable soup served with flour tortillas Maynard's for lunch. Mr.An's for teppan. We do love to eat out. I think I need to find a Wii fit game with my name on it.

We have also made a stop at Bookman's another local favorite. If you are ever in Arizona: Bookman's has locations in most major cities in the state. There is nothing else like it.

Eric has finished camp for the summer and starts school again next week. He won the award for the best smile in camp this year. He is very happy to have Teri home and out of the computer. He has yet to figure out how Skype works and why Teri spends so much time living in the computer. I wonder what sibling things they are going to do this weekend?

Through it all I am busy knitting. I have finished 2 scarfs since Teri has been home and started another hat yesterday. I am trying to play catchup with my charity knitting. I don't think the economy has picked up enough for my studio to do much business yet.

Well it should be time to rouse the troops and decide on dinner or not. Me I could just go for a tray of appetizers and forget the main course.  Or even better just go straight to dessert. So have a great evening and enjoy your families

Please note that no one has asked for or paid for an endorsement in this blog. John and I covered all the cost associated with the restaurant and Bookman's visits. No discounts were given.