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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Vacation So Far or My Adventures with Teri

Yesterday we started off the morning at an awesome donut shop not far from Teri's place called Physico Donuts, I kid you not a real place with really wonderful vegan doughnuts and the others doughnuts looked pretty awesome. I will post their address in a vacation summary when I get home. Then it was off to the mall for some serious shopping and walking. After dropping everything of at Teri's place we went to an awesome Art and Wine Festival that Teri found. We had some really fresh  fruit to start lunch off. Followed by so fresh roasted corn. We found a fish and chips booth that served fish and chips and the fries we covered with fresh garlic. I have never had anything like that before, but they were wonderful.  I wonder if it has anything to do with being so close to Gilroy, but I will definitely have them again and find a recipe to post on line. Yes the were really that good.

We had a great time walking around the art festival and saw a lot of incredible arts and crafts for sale. Since this is really a brief summary I will blog about the artists we found in a later blog.

After a 4 hour nap Teri brought in sushi for dinner at 9 pm. After a little girl chat it was off to sleep.

Today was another wonderful day. We started out at an impressionist art exhibit in Golden Gate park. with some great and not so great paintings. I think I like the Monet exhibit at the Phoenix Museum of Art is slightly better and they seem to have a better flow to their traveling exhibits. But I digress a little bit. The Original picture of Whistler's Mother was great, along with Monet's flag line street and a few others. Please try to go to this exhibit if you are in San Francisco during the show. A little pricey but worth the money.

We had Tea and sweets at the Japanese Tea garden an did walk around a little, but I was on the tired side and even with a snack in my tummy I really wanted lunch. Teri took me to a wonderful Dim Sum place for lunch. I shall also post the name and address of the Dim Sum place in my summary. We walked around the newer China Town in San Francisco.  We then headed off to a factory tour but I did not get good vibes about the neighborhood it was in so we drove by and left. We then headed to a place called the Embarkadro. We had some local tea from Pete's tea and did a little shopping.

It is now 7 pm so I think I will wake my driver up so we can go and get some dinner. Did I mention how nice it is to be chauffeured around by a daughter who drives. The boys seems to be have fun at home also. I hear that they went to Miss Saigon's and Frost yesterday. Well have a great evening and enjoy your families.