My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, July 26, 2010

In a Sorry Rut.

I am in a very slow rut today. I had coffee with friends which usually cheers me up, but not today. I am very happy that their children are doing new and exciting things from jobs to tennis lessons. Yes I know that these are the small things in life, but darn it it would be nice to see Eric do some of these things. Yes I know it is NEVER going to happen so it is time to move on from that subject. I need to put the green eyed monster away, I hate when he creeps out.

The hat I am making for Eric's camp councilor had a major boo-boo so 5 full rows had to be ripped out an another ugh for today. It is back to row one of the chart. On the positive side I did not have to take out the 15 rows of 1x1 ribbing. So the hat is a wash for today.

Teri's blanket sits idle on the couch waiting to be finished with the humidity in the house over 35% and the thermostat set to 80 it is to hot to knit a queen sized blanket. I am so glad that I have an understanding daughter.

So I am ramping up my charity knitting see how many cold weather items I can knit. The economy does not seem to be ramping up fast enough and I personally feel that there will be a high demand this winter. I know I can not knit enough for all those in need but I will try to fill at least 2 XXL Ziploc bags full of a variety of hand knit items. I mean what else is there to knit when it is the the high 90's low 100's with the humanity of the monsoons so high.

It is time to turn my day around. So it is time to go find a comedy to watch on TV, maybe "Hot in Cleavland" on Tivo,  if you have not seen it it is a must. Time to also get those needles moving.

Have a great day and enjoy your families.