My 1 Million Row Challenge

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Well it is Valentine’s Day today. So I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful day. I would also like to wish all of you who are celebrating the Chinese Lunar New Year a Happy New Year. We are having a very low key day today. John and Eric took me to Miss Saigon for lunch today. I had a wonderful chicken bun which is a salad with cucumbers, rice noodles, curried chicken, and lettuce. I f you are ever in Tucson Miss Saigon is a must go to. We did miss Teri on this very family orientated day but I am sure that the books are much more important right now.
I will conquer the laundry monster while Eric does his breathing treatment and then make a quick antipasto for dinner. John got some wonderful looking strawberries for desert so I guess that I will not make the brownies I was planning on...darn. I hope to have some knitting time later today. I can only work on small projects in the car while John is driving and I really want to make some headway on Teri’s blanket. Not that it will be done by the end of the Olympics. On the side is a picture of tone of the yarns that I am using.

So have a good evening and enjoy your families.