My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, October 5, 2009

A Long Night

Last night was a long night, I did not settle Eric down till after 1 am. Poor little guy was not feeling well. He had me back up at 5 am. I am seriously wondering whether a half a case of Diet Coke will get me through the day.

On the bright side I knit 3/4 of a charity hat last night while I was up with Eric. I probably would have done more, but color changes when I am half asleep kinda scare me.

I am much to tired to drive today and I am wondering whether it is to selfish to have soda delivered or just to brew a pot or two of tea as the day goes on? If I am too tired to drive am I too tired to deal with boiling water?

My executive decision is not to fold the laundry that I did last night. After all the laundry is clean and we can just grab what we need from the basket right. I wonder if it will fold itself? The answer is no, but when Eric's aide came this morning he folded all of Eric's cloths. Thank you, Joe.

Well It is going to be a long day of sick child care and knitting, I wonder how much I can add to the finishing basket today.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy your families.