My 1 Million Row Challenge

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Failed Shopping Trip

Today's shopping trip failed miserably. All I was looking for were 2 pair of men's cotton PJ's in size large by Dockers. I was told time and again that men's pj's are only stocked for the holidays. I must be missing something here. The stores stock pj's for women and children year round and men just for the holidays.

Can someone in retail explain to me why this seems to be a broad policy across retail. Now at dinner I will have to tell my husband that men's pj's are only a holiday item and unless I can get them on line he will have to wait till at least November for new pj's. This is just so wrong in I don't know how many ways. This was the answer at 5 different department stores.

I had my items that I needed to buy, and could not get them. How are we suppose to spend our hard earned money to buy goods, to get us out of the recession if the goods we want to buy are not there in the first place?

I also could not find Cal-King sheet sets for 22 inch deep pockets in cotton anywhere, not even for full price.

Has this recession made the retailers not want to carry what I need. Retailers, here's a big clue.. If you stock what I need and want, I will shop, otherwise I will keep my wallet closed.

Thank you for listening to me. I hope your shopping goes better for you.

Enjoy your families and have a great day.