My 1 Million Row Challenge

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Things are going well

I have to say that despite my back being flakier than a croissant, meaning I never know when I will be able to move or I will get stuck, things are going very well.

Teri Has finished her L1 orientation. She has even been teaching Microsoft Word a bit of Latin. She has acquired a mentor and is keeping pace with her reading. I think that this has been an overall great week for Teri.

Eric managed to make it through the first week of school with out missing a day, and has come home very happy both days. Our school district believes in easing the kids into the school year slowly by always starting on a Thursday.

I have managed to get a lot of knitting done and have almost finished another blanket. I hope that this blanket will be the second one I finish this week. I will be showing my work at a small festival hosted by a local pre-school Sunday evening. It will be nice to have some feed back on my work. I hope that I come home with less than I leave with.

John and I managed to find time for a date yesterday. We went to the 10 am showing of District 9, the CMG was fantastic, it was worth going to just for the CMG. Then off to lunch at Micha's one of our favorite restaurants on the south side of town.

We saw more movies today. Eric and I saw The Time Travelers Wife and John saw GI Joe, when we came home we had an Amazon rental, She is Just Not That into You. John said that GI Joe was good and would have like to see it in 3-D. the other 2 movies were fair.

Please have a wonderful day, and may your to do list take a break for the weekend.