My 1 Million Row Challenge

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wednesday - The Most Wonderful Day

For a day that started of achy and grouchy it turned into the most wonderful day. I got a tweet very early in the morning from Melissa at That through a random number generator,I had won a free copy of the Bliss Shawlette. What a wonderful pattern. I can not wait for the projects in my basket to get finished so I can start the new pattern. Please take a minute to stop by Melissa's blog and check out her wonderful patterns. These patterns are wonderful, they would make a great addition to your knitting line up or if you are a local yarn shop owner, these pattern will cause the yarn and patterns to fly out of your doors.

The next delight came in the mail from I had won one of her many contests featuring independent fiber artists. The yarn came from A shop on esty called my 8 kids It is a super wash yarn called Blue Monday. The coloring is simply wonderful. It was well over 100 degrees and humid due to the season, but the yarn is so soft and cuddly that it stayed on my shoulder all afternoon. I would like to know her secret to being a mom of 8, running an on-line studio and dyeing such beautiful yarn and fiber. I personally have trouble keeping up with 2 kids. By the way the yarn is back on my shoulder. I think it is going to have to be a shawl. I am in love with this yarn.

I was so happy with all this it almost did not matter that on day 1 of my 12 day sale of 10% off everything in the shop I did not have one sale. Everything in my shop will be 10% off till July 26 at 11:59 p.m. There is a link on the side of my blog to my Art Fire Studio.

I also did more deep cleaning yesterday, I hope that by next week that the dinning room will finally be cleared of all the junk that got moved in during construction. It would have been done by now, except that I am in a zenning mood and am de-cluttering the house. I have another Bookmans and Goodwill run for Teri to do. I will really miss her help when she goes off to law school.

Speaking of Teri going off to law school , she has bought the most wonderful sheet set for her dorm room. She has really learned about household things like sheets even if she did not let on.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day.