My 1 Million Row Challenge

Monday, July 13, 2009


Everyone should have a friend like Justin. Justin is Eric's friend at camp. Justin has gone from a shy boy to a great advocate. Take today for instance, I made a big time mommy boo boo. When I packed Eric's lunch for today I forgot to check to see if there were any extensions and syringes in Eric's lunch pail. Just to clarify Eric has a mickey button( better know as a g-tube) which goes right to the tummy, we don't fool around with food, we send it straight to where it is suppose to go.

I got the panic call that there was no tube or syringes, so Teri gathered the supplies and I my purse,pod, knitting and headed off to camp with the supplies. Eric's camp councilor was happy for the supplies, Justin on the other hand told me to "be more careful next time and don't ever forget it again" He said I was not doing my job right. I needed to take better care of his friend.

There are other times that Justin will tell me about Eric's day or what supplies I need to bring to camp for the current fundraising effort. I am so glad that Justin is in Eric's life. Justin will go far. Some day I hope to see him on the Governor's Council for Developmental Disabilities as a Self Advocate. I can also see him answering questions and providing training to public servants on how to handle the disabled.

Thank You Justin for being a wonderful part of Eric's life. And for the rest of the world please look beyond the physical and learn to look at the person. I know that if you meet Justin you will know just what I mean.